Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance service is offered in weekly or bi-weekly intervals to suit your needs. Each visit for regular maintenance includes cutting all turf areas, edging along sidewalks, driveways and patios, trimming around beds, trees and homes and clean-up at the end of the service.


Bush/Shrub Trimming

Bush/shrub trimming consists of trimming bushes to maintain a beautiful landscape. The bushes will be trimmed to a uniform look and shape and the clippings will be cleaned up following the service.


Spring/Fall Clean-ups

Clean-ups include the removal of leaves and debris from the lawn and landscaping using powerful blowers and mowers to bag and mulch up the leaves leaving your lawn crisp and leaf free. Clean-ups also include edging of driveways, sidewalks and patios.


Mulch and Pine Straw

Mulch and pine straw are great ways to make your property and landscape look amazing. We offer professional mulch and pine needle installation to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful. We use only premium mulch products and long needle pine straw to provide you with the best looking and longest lasting material possible.


Bed Maintenance

 Our bed maintenance service is the best way to maintain your landscape and keep your property looking fantastic. We offer monthly and bi-monthly intervals for bed maintenance. Our bed maintenance service includes weeding, bed edging (where applicable), and application of PREEN weed barrier as needed. 


Exterior Cleaning

We offer house washing and concrete brightening services to keep your property clean and increase its value.

House Washing we use a soft washing process and technique using detergents to kill and remove algae, mold, mildew, cobwebs and soil from your homes siding.

Concrete Brightening we use strong detergents and surface cleaners to clean soiled concrete and restore it to its bright white, like-new condition.